Yoga Nidra Sessions with Simone

Within this 3-month continuing education Yoga & Yoga Nidra Mentorship with Soul Guide Simone MacKay,  

You’ll learn to embody and teach with confidence the ancient, powerful and transformational practices and philosophy of the Koshas, guide Yoga Nidra sessions and embark on a journey of deep inner growth as you re-awaken your wisdom within.

This thorough mentorship enriches your grasp of diverse yogic practices, customizing them to align with your current skill level for a fully personalized learning experience.

Guided by the five-layer framework of the Koshas, it provides an opportunity to review and absorb yogic practices and philosophy, receive personalized mentoring and guidance, and tailor the content according to your specific interests and needs.

This mentorship is an invitation and opportunity for Yoga teachers, dedicated practitioners, and those with an interest to take their Yoga practice and teaching deeper to help you meet life’s challenges with less stress, more balance and resilience. 

What is 'Journey through the Koshas'?

Kosha, a Sanskrit word meaning ‘sheath’ describes the different layers of what we’re made up of from the most dense and tangible to the more subtle and soulful.

In this series, you will explore the physical, energetic, mental, emotional and intuitive body and come to understand what’s beyond as the spark of your soul. Each module is focused on sensing and uncovering each of the five koshas - body, energy, mind, wisdom and bliss.

Journy Through Koshas
Yoga Nidra Sessions

Within this personalised 1:1 certified mentorship course, you’ll have the opportunity to explore and integrate a variety of insightful philosophical teachings, asana and pranayama practices and Yoga Nidra meditations, deepening your knowledge experientially as well as being able to teach and guide Yoga Nidra with confidence.


You’ll receive Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Non-linear movement and Restorative Yoga practices, inspired by the elements of nature, designed for all-levels, to fit into your daily routine.


 The sublime Yoga Nidra audio recordings calm your nervous system as well as reprogram new neural pathways for lasting transformation.

Simone Mackay
'Journey through the Koshas' is brought to you by Soul Guide & Yoga Nidra expert and experienced International Yoga Teacher Trainer, founder of Somah Journeys and the School of Sacred Arts: Simone MacKay.

With 25+ years of teaching and mentoring around the world, Simone will guide you to deepen your felt-sense awareness, access your intuition and develop trust in the guidance of your own soul's wisdom. 

This program empowers you to:

  • Connect to your own body’s wisdom through somatic practices and share from that place
  • Teach and Guide yoga nidra classes
  • Confidently respond to life’s challenges
  • Align with your personal soul path
  • Trust your intuition 
  • Integrate practices and rituals into life
  • Self-care so you give from your overflow
  • Embody the Yogic philosophy of the Koshas (physical, energetic, mental, emotional, intuitive and soulful) 
  • Be authentically you in all aspects of life

You have 3 options to embark o

Yoga Nidra Sessions Online Program
Sankalpa: Welcome &  Intention-setting
Sankalpa: Welcome &

Learn to set powerful intentions and work with self-designed practices.

Yoga Nidra wisdom teaching

Video, audio and Soul e-Guide

Annamaya Kosha Earth Element
Annamaya Kosha

Earth Element

Asana practice with Bhumi Namaskar &

an indigenous Earth Prayer

Pranayama practice setting breath foundation

Yoga Nidra with intro talk

Soul e-Guide - choose from mindfulness practices, journal prompts & Earth Altar ritual

Pranamaya Kosha Water Element
Pranamaya Kosha

Water Element

Asana practice with Swara Cycles

Pranayama practice

Yoga Nidra and intro talk

Soul e-Guide - choose from mindfulness practices, journal prompts & Water ritual

Manomaya Kosha Fire Element
Manomaya Kosha

Fire Element

Asana practice with Yin Yoga

Pranayama practice

Yoga Nidra with intro talk

Soul e-Guide - choose from mindfulness practices, journal prompts & Aromatherapy with Nidra Nest ritual

Vijnanamaya Kosha Air Element
Vijnanamaya Kosha

Air Element

Asana practice with inner-directed movement

Pranayama practice

Yoga Nidra with intro talk

Soul e-Guide - choose from mindfulness practices, journal prompts & Dream ritual

Anandamaya Kosha Space Element
Anandamaya Kosha

Space Element

Asana practice with Restorative yoga session accompanied with the Radiance Sutras

Pranayama practice

Yoga Nidra with intro talk

Soul e-Guide - choose from mindfulness practices, journal prompts & Ho'oponopono ritual


"I knew I needed to be under Simone’s nurturing wing to go deeper into the science of Yoga Nidra after I’d experienced her teaching at another 100hr teacher training. She combines her deep connection and ancient love of nature, her unique brand of softness, and her intelligence (both innate and acquired) to her approach for training future Yoga Nidra practitioners. I’ve come away with a confidence in myself and a profound clarity around creating and delivering my own Yoga Nidra sessions. As a direct result of her teachings, I am building a beautiful offering for both live and recorded sessions to share with the world. 

Thank you, Simone, for your wisdom, your grace and your sacred feminine power!" ~ Kat Mereigh-Byrd, USA

"A big thank you for all your generosity, and for such a beautiful and soulful way to explore and understand the koshas. Your presence, guidance and teaching style through the videos is very authentic, engaging and full of insight. I’m loving following along with each part!" ~ Lizabeth

How does this course differ from the Nidra Blueprint course?

Both courses follow a structured curriculum based on the five layers of our being (physical, energy, mental, wisdom, soul) and provide a solid framework for enhancing yoga and yoga nidra principles and practices.

Nidra Blueprint (7 weeks): This course offers a comprehensive foundation for understanding and guiding Yoga Nidra sessions. While it offers a deep understanding of yoga nidra and teaches you how to guide yoga nidra, it does not include customized coaching.

Yoga & Yoga Nidra Mentorship (12 weeks)Our Mentorship program elevates your yoga practice and teaching abilities to new heights. This in-depth mentorship enriches your comprehension of a range of yogic practices, aligning them with your current skill level for a fully customized learning experience. Following the five-layer framework, it deepens your direct experience of the Koshas and the Elements, includes in-depth Yoga Nidra studies supported by personalized mentoring, and customizes each section to your specific interests and needs accompanied by a comprehensive workbook.

Both courses synergise beautifully together or can be pursued independently.

Synergized approach: You can also opt for first completing the Nidra Blueprint course and then enrolling in the Soul-Embodied Mentorship program for a condensed 6-week period instead of the full 12 weeks.

These options are offered either through 1:1 sessions or in small study groups. Please inquire!

Recommended Pre-requisite:

200hr Yoga Teacher Training or minimum 2 years dedicated yoga practice

(If you have neither, please contact Simone and we'll talk!)


12-week Yoga & Yoga Nidra Mentorship USD $1800

Synergised approach:

Complete the Nidra Blueprint course offered at a sliding scale USD $550-850 then go deeper with 6-week Soul Embodied Mentorship: USD $950